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2020 video


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I gift or purchase access for multiple households?

Of course, you can gift access to friends and family! Simply make a separate purchase with a name and email address that is associated with that viewing household and the confirmation email will go directly to them.


What browsers do you recommend for watching “The Nutcracker”?

- We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

- Internet Explorer does not work well for streaming.

Can I watch “The Nutcracker” on my television?

- Yes! We recommend researching which method is best for your set up. The simplest way is to connect the computer and TV via HDMI cable.

- Some browsers have the ability to stream, cast, or mirror the window if you have this ability with your TV entertainment set-up.


Can I control the video quality?

Yes, there is a button that looks like a gear in the lower right corner of the video frame that allows you to control the video resolution. This is set to “AUTO” by default. If the video is continually starting and stopping, lowering the resolution may help.


Can I make the video full screen?

- Yes, there is a button located in the lower right corner of the video frame that looks like four arrows pointing outward. Press that button and you will go to full-screen mode. 

- To exit full-screen mode, you can press the “ESC” button on your keyboard or press the four-arrow button again.


Do you offer technical support?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any customer service or technical support for viewing the production. However, if you are having any major issues, such as you never received an email after the purchase of a ticket, or the password or link does not work please contact us at

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